Štrekna is a cycle path that has been constructed along the abandoned route of the former Velenje–Dravograd railway line. As the name implies, it runs along a (now disused) railway track which is referred to as štreka by the locals. The railway path is set against the scenic backdrop of the Pohorje mountains and Mt Uršlja Gora, and features some of the country's best bike infrastructure.


Through one of the tunnels at Gornji Dolič.
Tunel v Gornjem Doliču.


Over the old railroad bridge at Slovenj Gradec.
Nekdanji železniški most v Slovenj Gradcu.


Tarmacked for its entire length of 24 km from Gornji Dolič to Otiški Vrh, the path is furnished with uniform signage and separated from the rest of the traffic. Cyclists and other travellers can take a break at any of the several stops with amenities that are set up along the path. The slight but constant uphill gradient makes it family and senior friendly. The path rises to an elevation of 354 metres at Otiški vrh, and reaches its highest point of 590 metres in Mislinja.

Along the route

Štrekna is peppered with fascinating sights such as the renovated but disused railway bridge in Slovenj Gradec, the railway tunnels in Mislinja and Gornji Dolič, and the stone viaduct of Gornji Dolič. The cherry on top is the ride through the medieval town centre of Slovenj Gradec.


Tucked between the hills of Pohorje and Mt Uršlja Gora, this cultural hub of the Mislinja Valley and Koroška Region features a signature medieval town core.
Slovenj Gradec


Situated on the Drava River at the convergence of three valleys, the town boasts a rich history of timber rafting, and numerous cultural landmarks.


The flour- and sawmill on the Mislinja River in the village of Tomaška vas are listed as protected buildings. The facility displays a surviving mill mechanism, and provides a glimpse into the life of sawmill workers back in the day.
Herčeva žaga


The imaginative wooden elements along the Štrekna path in Turiška vas offer cyclists, hikers and other travellers a chance to put a twist on their movement routine.
Motorik Park

Štrekna bus

Štrekna bus logo
The 30-seat bus is hooked up with a 20-bike carrier trailer. The bus line connects Velenje, Gornji Dolič, Mislinja, Slovenj Gradec, Otiški vrh, Dravograd, and the swimming lake in Lavamünd, Austria. In July and August, the bus service runs twice daily. In May, June and September, the bus runs only on weekends and Slovenian and Austrian bank holidays.
30 sedežev na busu

30 seats

Prikolica za 20 koles

Trailer for 20 bicycles

Brezplačen prevoz koles

Free bicycle transport


  • Velenje

  • Dravograd

  • Labot/Lavamünd

  • Velenje

  • Dravograd

    €4.70 €
  • Dravograd

  • Labot/Lavaműnd

The swimming lake of Labot/Lavamünd offers a bus service to Volšperk/Wolfsberg.

Bus schedule

The Štrekna bus operates daily from 1 July to 31 August 2019.

Between 1 May and 30 June 2019, and between 1 and 30 September 2019, the bus operates only on Saturdays and Sundays as well as on Slovenian and Austrian bank holidays (1 May, 2 May, 30 May, 31 May, 10 June, 20 June, 21 June, 25 June, 15 August).

Labot (Lavamünd) - Velenje

0 09:40 17:20 Lavamünd badesee/Labot kopalno jezero)
11 09:54 17:34 Dravograd
13 09:58 17:38 Begant*
22 10:14 17:54 Slovenj Gradec
34 10:33 18:13 Mislinja
36 10:36 18:16 Gornji Dolič*
47 10:54 18:34 Velenje (AP)
* (embarking and alighting at the bus stop in front of the inn, in the direction of Slovenj Gradec)

Velenje - lABOT (LAVAMÜND)

0 08:00 15:45 Velenje (AP)
19 08:18 16:03 Gornji Dolič*
20 08:21 16:06 Mislinja
32 08:40 16:25 Slovenj Gradec
44 08:56 16:41 Begant*
45 09:00 16:45 Dravograd
47 09:21 16:59 Lavamünd badesee/Labot kopalno jezero
* (embarking and alighting at the bus stop in front of the inn, in the direction of Slovenj Gradec)


The Štrekna bus project is made possible thanks to the support of:
Štrekna bus is part of the TRANS-BORDERS project taking place under Interreg Central Europe. Nine institutions from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia are jointly set on improving public passenger transport in peripheral areas and border regions across Central Europe.

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