Štrekna is a cycle path that has been constructed along the abandoned route of the former Velenje–Dravograd railway line. As the name implies, it runs along a (now disused) railway track which is referred to as štreka by the locals. The railway path is set against the scenic backdrop of the Pohorje mountains and Mt Uršlja Gora, and features some of the country's best bike infrastructure.


Through one of the tunnels at Gornji Dolič.
Tunel v Gornjem Doliču.


Over the old railroad bridge at Slovenj Gradec.
Nekdanji železniški most v Slovenj Gradcu.


Tarmacked for its entire length of 24 km from Gornji Dolič to Otiški Vrh, the path is furnished with uniform signage and separated from the rest of the traffic. Cyclists and other travellers can take a break at any of the several stops with amenities that are set up along the path. The slight but constant uphill gradient makes it family and senior friendly. The path rises to an elevation of 354 metres at Otiški vrh, and reaches its highest point of 590 metres in Mislinja.

Technological legacy

Štrekna is not only a modern and picturesque cycling route, but also a rich treasure trove of technological legacy that serves as a timeless monument to human resourcefulness and determination in overcoming demanding natural terrain. The former infrastructural facilities along Štrekna include numerous tunnels, bridges, viaducts and other feats of construction which have enabled the travelers of today to discover the picturesque natural beauty and technological legacy of Carinthia by bicycle.
  • Velenje – Dravograd railway line

    A construction challenge which required to bridge the Paka River as many as 8 times only between Velenje and Mislinja.
    Štrekna - Vožnja vlaka skozi Hudo luknjo okrog leta 1925.

    Tunnels through the Huda luknja gorge

    5 tunnels were built through the Huda luknja canyon gorge. Today, the Štrekna cycling route goes through two of them.
    Štrekna - Kamniti ločni most z odprtino 10 m čez potok Ponikva.

    Bridges and viaducts

    The challenging terrain required some ingenuity in relocating natural barriers. If they couldn't get around an obstacle, they went over it.
    Štrekna - Gradnja viadukta Gornji Dolič, 1899.
  • Water towers

    To ensure uninterrupted railway traffic, steam locomotives had to be supplied with a sufficient amount of water.
    Štrekna - Tipična vodna postaja v Otiškem Vrhu.

    Railway stations

    Railway stations were the main hubs of social life at the time, as the train brought important news every day in addition to passengers.
    Štrekna - Uslužbenci postaje Slovenj Gradec ob dnevu železničarjev okrog leta 1965.


    The diversity and complexity of the route was also reflected in the diversity of locomotives running on the railway line.
    Štrekna - Lokomotive vrste JŽ 153 (K.k. Stb99) so bile namenjene vleki potniških vlakov po lokalnih progah. Pri nas so bile v uporabi od otvoritve proge do leta 1938.
  • Life along the track

    Trains were an important part of everyday life – the "first train" heralded a new day, while the "seventh train" announced the end of the working day.
    Štrekna - Običajen prizor na železniški postaji nekdaj.

    Children playing by the railroad

    Once upon a time, the railway was an integral part of children's everyday life, whereas today it is for most people just a nostalgic memory of the past.
    Štrekna - Praznična decembrska vožnja z muzejsko lokomotivo.

    Decommissioning of the railway line

    Each end is also a beginning of something new. On the abandoned route of the railway line, a popular cycling route was created – Štrekna.
    Štrekna - Delavci ŽTP Maribor so julija 1970 začeli na progi Velenje - Dravograd odstranjevati tire.

Along the route

Štrekna is peppered with fascinating sights such as the renovated but disused railway bridge in Slovenj Gradec, the railway tunnels in Mislinja and Gornji Dolič, and the stone viaduct of Gornji Dolič. The cherry on top is the ride through the medieval town centre of Slovenj Gradec.


Tucked between the hills of Pohorje and Mt Uršlja Gora, this cultural hub of the Mislinja Valley and Koroška Region features a signature medieval town core.
Slovenj Gradec


Situated on the Drava River at the convergence of three valleys, the town boasts a rich history of timber rafting, and numerous cultural landmarks.


The flour- and sawmill on the Mislinja River in the village of Tomaška vas are listed as protected buildings. The facility displays a surviving mill mechanism, and provides a glimpse into the life of sawmill workers back in the day.
Herčeva žaga


The imaginative wooden elements along the Štrekna path in Turiška vas offer cyclists, hikers and other travellers a chance to put a twist on their movement routine.
Motorik Park

Štrekna bus

Štrekna bus logo
The 30-seat bus is hooked up with a 16-bike carrier trailer. The bus line connects Velenje, Gornji Dolič, Mislinja, Slovenj Gradec, Otiški vrh, Dravograd and the swimming lake in Lavamünd, Austria. The bus operates from 1st July until 30th September 2023 on Saturdays, Sundays and on holiday 15. 8. 2023.
30 sedežev na busu

30 seats

Prikolica za 20 koles

Trailer for 16 bicycles

Brezplačen prevoz koles

Free bicycle transport


The price for the tickets can be found on the website of the bus service provider Nomago.
  • Velenje

  • Dravograd

  • Labot/Lavamünd

  • Velenje

  • Dravograd

  • Dravograd

  • Labot/Lavaműnd

The swimming lake of Labot/Lavamünd offers a bus service to Volšperk/Wolfsberg.

Bus schedule

Between 1 July and 30 September 2023 the bus operates on Saturdays and Sundays and on holiday 15. 8 .2023.

Labot (Lavamünd) - Velenje

0 09:40 17:20 Lavamünd badesee/Labot kopalno jezero)
11 09:54 17:34 AP Dravograd
13 09:57 17:37 Begant*
14 09:59 17:39 Otiški Vrh
22 10:11 17:51 AP Slovenj Gradec
30 10:25 18:05 Dovže K.
34 10:30 18:10 Mislinja
36 10:33 18:13 Gornji Dolič*
47 10:47 18:27 Velenje (AP)
50 10:56 - Velenje jezero
* (embarking and alighting at the bus stop in front of the inn, in the direction of Slovenj Gradec)

Velenje - lABOT (LAVAMÜND)

0 - 15:30 Velenje jezero
3 08:00 15:45 Velenje (AP)
22 08:14 15:59 Gornji Dolič*
23 08:17 16:02 Mislinja
30 08:22 16:07 Dovže K.
35 08:36 16:21 AP Slovenj Gradec
46 08:48 16:33 Otiški vrh*
47 08:50 16:35 Begant*
48 09:05 16:45 Dravograd AP
50 09:19 16:59 Lavamünd badesee/Labot kopalno jezero
* (embarking and alighting at the bus stop in front of the inn, in the direction of Slovenj Gradec)

Additional bus ride in July and August

In the summer heat, taking a refreshing dip in Lake Velenje can be very pleasant. For this purpose, we are introducing an additional afternoon ride of the Štrekna bus on the route Mislinja - Lake Velenje in July and August. The bus on this route runs between 1.7.2021 and 31.8.2021 according to the following timetable.


0 13:45 Velenje jezero
3 13:53 Velenje (AP)
22 14:08 Gornji Dolič*
23 14:11 Mislinja
* (embarking and alighting at the bus stop in front of the inn, in the direction of Slovenj Gradec)


34 14:15 Mislinja
36 14:18 Gornji Dolič*
47 14:33 Velenje (AP)
50 14:41 Velenje jezero
* (embarking and alighting at the bus stop in front of the inn, in the direction of Slovenj Gradec)


The Štrekna bus project is made possible thanks to the support of:
Občina Dravograd


Štrekna bus is part of the TRANS-BORDERS project taking place under Interreg Central Europe. Nine institutions from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia are jointly set on improving public passenger transport in peripheral areas and border regions across Central Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the timetable for Štrekna bus?

You can find the timetable for Štrekna bus on the website www.strekna.si, by clicking on the red »Štrekna« button. It can also be found on all the bus stations and bus stops where possible. On the website you will also find a link to the bus timetable for transfer to Volšperk/Wolfsberg. It is available in printed form together with the map as a leaflet in tourist information centers in Dravograd, Slovenj Gradec and Velenje.

How much does a ticket cost and where can I buy it?

In Slovenia, Štrekna bus is part of public intercity bus transport with set prices. The journey from Dravograd to Labot/Lavamünd in Austria costs an additional 2 €.

As an example, we list some selected routes (the price of a one-way ticket). The Štrekna cycling route runs between Gornji Dolič and Otiški Vrh (Begant stop).

Velenje (Bus station (AP)) – Gornji Dolič - € 1.80, Velenje (AP) – Begant - € 4.10, Velenje (AP) – Dravograd (AP) - € 4.10
Gornji Dolič – Slovenj Gradec - € 2.30, Gornji Dolič – Begant - € 3.10
Slovenj Gradec – Velenje (AP) - 3.10 €, Slovenj Gradec – Begant - € 1.80

Bicycle transport is free again this year.

Tickets can be purchased on the bus and at the Velenje and Slovenj Gradec bus stations.

Are reservations possible?

Reservations are not possible, as public bus passenger transport does not allow this.

Can I take the Štrekna bus without a bicycle?

The Štrekna bus is part of the public bus passenger transport, so you can also use it as a passenger without a bicycle.

Where can I park along the way?

The Štrekna cycling route runs separately from the main road almost in its entirety, but at the same time it never veers too far away from it. Parking is possible near all stations and stops where bicycles can be loaded on the Štrekna bus.

At which stations/stops can bicycles be loaded?

For safety reasons, bicycles can be loaded at the following stops or stations: Velenje Lake, AP Velenje, Gornji Dolič, Mislinja, Slovenj Gradec, Otiški Vrh, Begant, Dravograd, Labot trg (Lavamünd Marktplatz), Labot Lake (Lavamünd Badesee). At the Gornji Dolič and Begant stops, boarding and disembarking as well as loading bicycles is only possible at the bus stop in front of the inn (right side in the direction of Slovenj Gradec).

Can my bicycle be loaded on a bicycle trailer?

The bicycle trailer has brackets for conventional bicycles as well as five racks for electric bicycles.

Sections without a cycling route

Between Otiški Vrh (Hofer store) and Dravograd, there is no cycling route for about one kilometer as of yet, so it is necessary to use the main road. As this is a slightly more dangerous section with heavy traffic, we recommend using the Štrekna bus to traverse this part of your journey. We especially recommend this for a similar, but significantly longer section between Gornji Dolič and Velenje.

Works on the route

Current works along the route are taking place in Slovenj Gradec near the Mercator shopping center, where a marked detour has been arranged due to the construction of an all-season swimming pool, which is expected to be completed in 2022.

For current information, we recommend keeping an eye out on the posts on the social media.

Is it possible to rent a bicycle?

Štrekna bus does not offer the possibility of renting bicycles, only their transport.

Information on measures against the new Covid-19 virus

When using the Štrekna bus, follow the NIJZ recommendations regarding the prevention of COVID-19 infections:
- Travel only if you are healthy.
- The use of a protective mask is mandatory on the Štrekna bus.
- Use hand sanitizer when getting on and off the bus.
- Observe a safety distance of 1.5 m.

We recommend that you also follow current information in Slovenia and Austria, as the situation can change very quickly.

Crossing the state border between Slovenia and Austria

If you plan to ride or cycle across the border, you must have a valid identity document with you. The Štrekna bus currently runs normally all the way to the Austrian town of Labot (Lavamünd).

My bicycle broke down. Is there a bicycle service near Štrekna?

Yes, there are three bicycle services nearby.

Trgovina in servis koles Robert Šumah s.p., Glavni trg 46, 2380 Slovenj Gradec, tel.: 051 801 828, https://sl-si.facebook.com/pohorcbike/

Servis koles Simon Pogorelčnik s. p., Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu 40, 2383 Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu, tel.: 070 820 337, https://sites.google.com/view/servis-koles-sp

Gorko trgovina in servis koles, Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu 208a, 2383 Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu, tel.: 041 682 412, http://www.gorko.si/

Get in touch

We are happy to receive questions, praise and even complaints. Share your Štrekna experience and help us improve the magic of the bike experience.
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